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Western Canada 2018
September 2nd to October 4th

(There may still be changes to the schedule)


This 33 days trip includes :

1. A 33 day trip oganzied from begining to the end, by bus for people who wants to discover Western Canada, our beautiful country and part of northern USA. A lot of activities are included, like walking on glacers , suspended bridge, visits of museums, guided tours of several cities, going up several towers to see the view of several cities, ferries, entrance to National Parks, a meal as a group and much much more.

Other options are also available:

2. Flying from Moncton to Reginal on September 8th, and continue the rest of the trip by bus.

3. Flying back from Vancouver to Moncton on September 22nd, in that case, no passport is needed as you are only visiting Canada.

4. Flying from Moncton to Regina on September 8, and also returning by plane on September 22nd from Vancouver. The ideal trip for people who are limited with their time/vacation, but can still meet with the group to visit Western Canada.



Day 1 : (Sunday, September 2nd 2018)

Depart en autobus


Day 2 : (Monday, September 3rd)

Every morning for any interested to go for a walk, there will be a half hour group walk. We will leave for the waslk approx. one hour before the bus departure.

Ottawa Ottawa Ottawa


Day 3 : (Tuesday, September 4th)

Jumelle DionneSudbury Sudbury


Day 4 : (Wednesday, September 5)

ecluse ecluseWawa Lac Superieur



Day 5 : (Thursday, September 6th)

Terry Fox autobus activities


Day 6 : (Friday, September 7th)

La Monnaie la monnaie Winnipeg1 Winnipeg2Winnipeg 3 Droit de la personne


Day 7 : (Saturday, September 8th))

Tonight, the bus will also pick up people at the airport who are arriving from Moncton

Direction Regina Direction Regina2


Day 8 : (Sunday, September 9th)



Day 9 : (Monday, September 10th)



Day 10 : (Tuesday, September 11th)

Stempede Parc Olympique Olympique Tour Calgary tour Calgary tour view


Day 11 : (Wednesday, September 12th)

Parlement Edmonton Edmonton Mall Edmonton Mall Edmonton Mall


Day 12 : (Thursday, September 13th)

Direction Jasper Jasper Jasper Jasper Jasper


Day 13 : (Friday, September 14th)

Athabasca Falls Peyto Lake


Day 14 : (Saturday, September 15th))

Canmore Canmore 2 Banff autobus publique TeleferiqueHot Spring Banff


Day 15 : (Sunday, September 16th)

Lac Louise

Lac Moraine Banff


Day 16 : (Monday, September 17th)

direction Kelowna Direction kelowna direction Kelowna Col-RogersLast spike


Day 17 : (Tuesday, September 18th)

Kelowna KelownaVancouver Vancouver


Day 18 : (Wednesday, September 19th)

Vancouver Steam Clock Stanley Park Vancouver Totem Vancouver Capilano Bridge Capilano Bridge


Day 19 : (Thursday, September 20th)

direction Whistler Whistler Whistler Whistler


Day 20 : (Friday, September 21st)

Vancouver ferry Butchart Gardens Victoria Victoria


Day 21 : (Saturdayi, September 22nd)

It's also today that people will go to the Vancouver airport to fly back to Moncton (for those who did not want to come back by bus on the american side)

Seattle Future of flightFuture of flight Future of flight


Day 22 : (Sunday, September 23rd)


Day 23 : (Monday, September 24th)

Mammoth Mammoth Yellowstone Mammoth Buffalo

Day 24 : (Monday, September 25th)

Yellowstone Yellowstone Old Faithful

Day 25 : (Tuesday September 26th)

irma Hotel Buffalo Bill Irma Hotel Buffalo Bill Voyages Mario view Rapid City Direction Cow Devil Tower

Day 26 : (Wednesday, September 27th)


Day 27 : (Thursday September 28th)

Wall Drug Store Wall Drug Store road side


Day 28 : (Friday, September 29th)

Milwaukee hotel


Day 29 : (Saturday, September 30th)

Chicago Chicago Bean Chicago Chicago



Day 30 : (Sunday, October 1st)

Detroit Henry Ford Museum Henry Ford Museum Henry Ford Museum Henry Ford Museum


Day 31 : (Monday, October 2nd)


Day 32 : (Tuesday, October 3rd)

Day 33 : (Wednesday, October 4th)


Price per person :

prix ouest canadien

500$ of deposit is required to book your reservation, balance payable 95 days before we leave. There could still be changes to the schedule. 


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